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I love the poem
The music really puts life into the poem.
I'd like to see more of your work =)

-Dj Karma

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Slim-Bean responds:

Thanks, I enjoyed writing it!

I think after the response from this one I will definately be making more!

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Good attempt for a 1st time

If its for a 'dance' beat.. you need to keep the beat going especially the kick drum and bass. The sudden stops here and there kind of kills it
It needs more changes.. dynamics and like just.. more. It just repeats the same Euroarp/hithat/kick/ over and over..
the Euroarp and the intro bass-ish effect makes it sound a little 'dark' so i guess it could be like a club-dance-ish kind of song. yeah
well good for your 1st try.

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DSK666 responds:

Thanks i appreciate your input, ill keep that in mind the next time i make a dance beat.

this sounds...

let me know when your done with it!!!! can't wait to hear the finished song!!!

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This sounds amazing
I don't even know what to say its just so beautiful
You portrayed my song better than I would have done :D good job
where did you get the piano sound??? what synth/program? it sounds so realistic!

and good job this sounds just fantastic.
I'm honored that you used my song :)
-Dj Karma

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BlazingDragon responds:

The piano sound is titled MIS Stereo piano and was obtained for free from a news post on blackhole12's profile.


I enjoy the quality of it for a free sound (though the file is quite large). To make it sound this real, a lot of work also went into dynamics and tempo. I had to tweak the volume of every individual note in the song to simulate a real pianist playing stronger on the first and third beats, less on the 2nd and 4th, etc. Oh, and adding crescendos and decrescendos obviously. The subtle tempo changes were of paramount importance, as no real pianist plays perfectly on beat like FL Studio. The are natural pauses at the end of phrases and such, which took a bit of effort to emulate.

Your song was very melodic and made a great tune to remix. It was a memorable melody that was simple enough to throw in my own style. :)


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