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I'm back!

2008-06-20 16:32:42 by DjKarma

Hey everyone
I haven't been on newgrounds in forever!
But I'm back
and I just wanna say congrats to BlazingDragon for the really awesome remix of my old song "Story Left Untold" which was taken down a long time ago =/
But I will re-upload just so everyone can hear it or something lol.
And again, I do have a new name: Adm1t One because another real Dj Karma exists... haha
and be sure to check out my myspace:

Hey everyone
I made a music myspace for my music a few days ago..
be sure to check out some of my new works up on my myspace.
I guess I'll be known as Dj Karma on Newgrounds only..
but there is another 'Dj Karma' out there so I decided to have an original name of my own.
Adm1t One =)

Dj Karma/ Adm1t One


2007-12-30 20:50:29 by DjKarma

enjoy my songs. =D